Verification of Project Server


We installed the EPMSync runtime onto the PPS server. When we ran it for the first time, it would never initiate processing with MOPS.
The environment consists of:
• a front-end PPS server
• load balanced MOPS servers (2 node) in a web farm
• SQL Server containing PPS databases
• SQL Server containing MOPS databases
Analysis of the EPMSync log files unveiled a timeout issue with EPMSync attempting to verify if Project Server was running. I downloaded the code from CodePlex and traced it to the VerifyPWA routine. It was trying a web request against the base project server url. While this might have worked on a single machine install of Project Server, it did not work against a load balance environment from another server. I created a test Windows app to verify this. I therefore changed the EPMSync code (not yet posted) to perform a network ping of the base server extracted from the project server url (with more time, I probably would have written something to test the presence of an actual running Project Server instance).