New MOPS Custom Field error


EPMSync fails on processing in the case that a MOPS project did not yet have a value defined for mapped custom field. The EPMSync logged error complains during the save of the project about a null value for MD_PROP_TYPE_ENUM. I isolated this to the PSI requirement that when creating a new custom field row for a project that the correct MD_PROP_TYPE_ENUM must be set on a new row. I had run into this on another integration project (CRM-to-MOPS). Rather than performing a look up to the CustomFields web service to determine the data type byte value, I found where EPMSync had already retrieved this elsewhere and stored it in _projectCustomFieldList. I changed the UpdateCustomFieldValue routine to check if MD_PROP_TYPE_ENUM was null then applied the correct value from _projectCustomFieldList.
Paul Congdon
Milestone Consulting Group